Lisa Lucca & Mark Fiore


5.0 out of 5 stars    "Great Story Great Escape!"
"I truly enjoyed this story, I found myself relating to so many different aspects of it... A classic love story, a friendship that stands the test of time, and a love unbroken throughout 
all it's trials and tribulations... A terrific story to get lost in!"

5.0 out of 5 stars    "Lovely"
"This book was amazing. Told strictly via email exchanged between the two authors, without comment or explanation, this is a beautifully engaging love story.

"My only quibble was that I wanted more follow-up once these two were in the same city to give us some hope to balance the large chunks of the book that were so heart-
squeezingly sad.

I cried 
buckets at the end, for the difficult choices and decisions they made in order to be true to themselves. It was clear throughout that these two held such strong and deep feelings for each other, but their road wasn't easy. A journey of over 30 years together, I particularly found Mark's pain and struggle to hit me right in my chest, more than once. Thank you both for this uncensored look into your hearts."

5.0 out of 5 stars  "What a True Story!"
"This book is non-put-down-able.
I stayed up all night to read it.
Just had to know how the true story ended!

I felt privileged to hear the real conversations between friends who became lovers after years and years. It was honest and truthful and vulnerable.
Not only that, the maturity of their respect for each other is awe-inspiring.

Bravo to this brave twosome - who happen to write from the heart and write wonderfully well to each other."
5.0 out of 5 stars "LOVE you are loved!"
"I loved this book! It took me through such a wide range of emotions - it made me happy, angry, sad, laugh, cry and think. It's an amazing true love story, about developing a deep friendship over 20 years or so, and about two people being very REAL and honest with each other. Men AND women, of any age, in any type 
of relationship could benefit from reading this story. This would be an excellent book for a book club discussion so get it and recommend it at your next club meeting!"

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